A Volunteer management software that will provide your dedicated volunteers with an innovative technological tool, for running a call-center through their smartphones, tablets and PC's.

What is Poliphone?

A DIY software that gives you data in real time on your volunteers activities.


From anywhere at any time!

You don't need us to manage your dedicated volunteers!

Getting data on your voters
Getting data on your voters

A software that gives you a real time data on the candidate's voters

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Analysis of voters data
Analysis of voters data

Your campaign management software gives you analysis on your voters

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Managing your campaign
Managing your campaign

You can now manage your volunteers from distance

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We designed the system with an intuitive interface, so that your volunteers can get to work immediately, no training required

Innovative & Simple 

Zehava Galon


Meretz party Chairwoman Israel

Our Clients

Moshe Kahlon


Israel Minister of Finance

Kulano party Chairman Israel

Rick Scott


Florida Governor , USA

Yair Lapid


Former Israel Minister of Finance

Yesh atid

party Chairman , Israel

Ron Huldai


Tel-Aviv Mayor, Israel